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Our projects get practical results that make you more competitive both today and tomorrow. We believe in a tailored approach for smarter, more human industry

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360º Industrial Transformation

We transform industries by combining advanced and flexible manufacturing and digital technologies with agile organizational models that empower people

Digital transformation that makes a difference

Why does Sisteplantinvest in innovation? We believe in creating the most advanced systems to help organizations take a leap forward in their knowledge bases across fields as varied as Maintenance (PRISMA - CMMS), Production (CAPTOR- MES) and Machine Learning (PROMIND - Machine Learning). True digital transformation for your operations.

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How we can help you

We deep dive into your needs to help you achieve excellence

Sisteplant not only has the experience and methodology to understand and analyze your organization’s strategy and processes. We also dive deep enough to allow us to bring order to your operations, implementing 360º improvement projects to boost your competitiveness and leadership.

Why Sisteplant?

Innovation at the service
of our community

Sisteplant sustainably allocates 20% of its revenue to innovation. We develop operating models based on agility and efficiency and create advanced systems to provide organizations with breakthrough technology across sectors.

Experience and

Our team boasts over 35 years of experience in digital, industrial engineering and organizational projects. Our focus is on creating more competitive organizations and nurturing talent.


We provide technologies and knowledge to our customers in order to set in motion a dynamic of continuous improvement that goes far beyond our collaboration.

Our process

Sisteplant has built its reputation on channeling our strategic and technological expertise through an entirely practical approach.

We go deeper

We deep dive into your needs

We analyze

We identify the best strategy and calculate returns

We verify

We take action and verify results.

Let us help you and start growing your project

Our Commitment

We invest in training and innovation to provide the best service to our community.

We work as a team We become one with our clients and make their objectives ours.

We stake our reputation on the quality of our products and services.


Advanced Engineering

Operational Excellence

Sisteplant Engineering is the advanced engineering and industrial and strategic consulting division of our company. Our philosophy, driven by Lean Manufacturing, isfocused onoperational excellence You´ll achieve this through process agility and flexibility, balanced automation, cost orientation and innovation., We help create competitive companies, building models that respond to the challenges of a constantly evolving economy and the uncertainties that come with it.


We’ll transform your maintenance processes, boosting your operations and analysis with industry-leading CMMS Prisma®.

Prisma® Prisma® helps both technicians in maintenance execution and managers in decision making, bringing you technical management focused onasset reliability.

What improvements can you expect?:

Improve the reliability of their assets


of companies using Prisma® improve the reliability of their assets while reducing their maintenance costs.

Source: IV Prisma® Impact Study

Logo Captor

Get highly-productive and high-quality processes with Captor®

Captor® Captor® helps operators with production and quality execution and managers with monitoring, visual management, traceability and analytics to drive operational improvement.

What improvements can you expect?:

Improve your OEE


of the companies that use Captor® have been able to improve their OEE or reduce their lead time.

Source: IV Captor® Impact Study

Logo Promind

Promind is a Machine Learning tool that revolutionizes the daily management of production and maintenance.

What improvements can you expect?:

Improvements in QUALITY

Logo Itracker

Management and deployment of Continuous Improvement in your organization.

iTracker® Meet iTracker®, the perfect tool for the management and deployment of Continuous Improvement in your organization, fully integratable with Sisteplant solutions.

What improvements can you expect?:

Effectiveness of Continuous Improvement

Our commitment to innovation

Innovation has been in Sisteplant’s DNA since our foundation. We nurture curiosity for deep knowledge of new technologies and their applications. For us, this inquisitiveness is what drives the organizational and operational transformation we bring you, our customers.


Investment in R&D

At Sisteplant, we see research and development activities as our strategic commitment to the future. That’s why we allocate 20 %of our annual turnover to R&D projects. 


International R&D projects

Sisteplant has a network of internationalpartners for the development of new opportunities, and we regularly and actively collaborate with them on high-tech projects


Collaborative R&D projects

We are committed to active collaboration with our community and the technological development of our business network, participating in regional, national and international initiatives.

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