Mine the value trapped in your asset and process data. Extract deeper knowledge about your assets’ behavior.

  • Creates a Digital Twin: advanced process and/or asset modeling, based on objective data.

  • Leverages Automatic Learning to deepen your organization’s knowledge.

  • Calculates optimum control valuesfora given quality.

  • Automatically regulates your processes based on experience.

  • Features intelligent health status monitoringof your assets and/or processes.

  • Provides accurate PHM(Prognostics and Health Management) data on your assets.

  • Facilitates simulation of processes even before they are industrialized.

  • Behavior predictionon process variables.

  • Real-time decision support via IoT connectivity.

  • Increases your organization’s knowledge base by empowering technicians.


Improving process performance thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Promind® is a solution that covers the entire data value chain, from its capture, storage, modeling and exploitation, and uses Artificial Intelligence to improve process performance. Promind® has great flexibility in data collection, allowing it to be exhaustively pre-processed, to later apply different machine learning techniques that allow extracting the information contained in the data. Putting these models into production makes it possible to introduce these technologies into day-to-day operations.

Over 30 years

Our experience in production and maintenance management means we’re perfectly positioned to apply machine learning techniques more efficiently.


Promind contains a wide selection of toolboxes for regression, classification and clustering models, as well as full integration with Python, where a wide collection of computational libraries is at your fingertips.


Promind works seamlessly with the most advanced 3rd-party integration technologies, such as MQTT and AMQP Brokers, OPC UA and OPC DA Servers, Modbus, Beckhoff, Siemens S7, API Rest, UDP frames, Oracle, SQL and PostgreSQL databases... Versatility is hard-written into this tool.

Distributed Computing

Promind manages capture and processing services that can be distributedly executed, boosting the performance of the whole.


Promind is integrated with other systems from Sisteplant's Manufacturing Intelligence series (Captor®, Prisma® and iTracker®).

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