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Business Transformation

Every organization faces aspects that sometimes unexpectedly unbalance the normal business course: new competitors, new regulations, products or technologies, among others. Managing these new contextual conditions may require a profound re-engineering of the business itself, the processes, the supply chain, the organizational structure, the training level of the operation team or the technology used.

At Sisteplant, we have a wide multisectorial approach thus developing projects that address and solve the specific issues of each client. We always seek a balance between costs and savings and create mechanisms to constantly check that investments are made in the correct areas.

It is not about surviving but succeeding, turning the least efficient or with a lower performance into change leverages thus creating create more efficient models that ensure business competitiveness.

Our proposal for BT Business Transformation

BT-Business-Transformation_webThe type of support we can provide depends on the circumstances of the company, but in any case our performances have a common element: the fast identification of opportunities with a high impact in the financial statement to establish performances ensuring the stability of the restructured business model.

At Sisteplant, we support companies to improve their results through:

– Operational transformation to achieve cost effectiveness and increased revenue

– Business model easing: resources and individuals

– Assessment of mergers, acquisitions and disinvestments as mechanisms to create operational value

– Design of the strategy and the business plan to undertake new markets by creating:

– A plan for technology development and adaptation of existing resources

– A plan for team training

– The design of the new organization

These types of services include the following phases:

– Fast diagnosis based on the perspective of the external investor or the operational model of the risk capital. Validation of the first performance lines

  • Financial analysis based on data and prediction models
  • Operational analysis based on the use of comparators and good practices in the leading industries
  • 80/20 perspective for identification of opportunities and future strategy
  • Definition of the traceability between the opportunities identified and the financial statement
  • Management and support in the change and improvement implementation process through a structured methodology
  • Management of communications with the different agents of the company
  • Validation of the expected impacts once the improvements are implemented
  • Audit of the new model’s sustainability

The cooperation with our clients is not limited to the analysis and strategy phase. The experience and abilities of Sisteplant in the operational excellence field ensures the achievement or the marked objectives through support in the implementation of the identified improvements.

Sectors of application:

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