Supply Chain Management

Nowadays, the supply chains have achieved a significant complexity and have relevant influence in the products cost or in the efforts necessary to guarantee a good service level. This, together with the complexity of several businesses to predict with certainty their demand or manage a global network of suppliers with different local distinctive features, makes it essential to revise them thoroughly.

Supply Chain Management

The logistic models that worked well in the past may not be enough now, and many companies are not prepared to manage the new market conditions. Some aspects like a proper management of the working capital, the ability to quickly adapt the means and resources to the latest market requirements, as well as the distribution and transport costs or a successful integration of the suppliers’ network are essential leverages to guarantee their excellence.

Our thorough knowledge of the best practices by sector, together with a robust methodology, enable us to help our clients make their supply chains flexible and agile, creating sustainable and efficient models.

Our proposal for Supply Chain Management

Sisteplant’s proposal to optimize the supply chains includes:
Supply Chain Management

  • Strategic assessment of the supply chain with a global approach including all players and the design of advanced supply chains
  • Design of advanced models for demand projection and operation planning
  • Integration and synchronization of the suppliers’ network
  • Development of agile and efficient distribution networks
  • Design of the organization necessary to support the new supply chain model: purchases, logistics and provisioning, shipping, distribution, etc.
  • Optimization of the information flows
  • Design of advanced models for multilevel client-supplier planning and synchronization
  • Design of advanced models for demand projection based on mathematical algorithm
  • Definition of the most suitable logistic strategy: assessment of the storage points, handling means and area operations
  • Definition of roles and functions of each agent of the supply chain

Sectors of application

Aerospace Defense Automation
Energy and environment Health Chemistry
Electronics Transport and Logistics Steelworks  and smelting
Retail and Distribution

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