Lean Services

Lean ServicesOver the last few years, the industrial environments have successfully applied Lean-Six Sigma tools. The same did not happen in the service sector or in the indirect structures of industrial environments, where some aspects as agility, cost orientation, excellence or innovation are still a long way behind those of the industry:

  • A good definition of cross processes guarantees a well-functioning company.
  • The industrialization of services improves the value contributed and perceived by the client and optimize operational costs

Our experience gained in diverse sectors enables us to state that these tools are equally useful in cross management environments and in service companies, where people are the main value. Health, banking and insurance, transport, auxiliary services for the industry, energy or logistics are some of the sectors that have implemented Lean Services as an improvement model.

Our proposal for Lean Services

We support the tool Value Stream Management (VSM) as a base to assess action/decision flows and process information, evaluate the responsibility/capacity of resources, identify and remove inefficiencies, set main and auxiliary lines to guarantee tight deadlines in the execution of processes and directly involve teams in the future organization design.

Lean Services

The development model consists of the following phases:

– Development of the business vision and strategy – Initial assessment

– Definition of value

– Analysis of value and removal of inefficiencies. Definition of the future model scalable in phases

– Identification of the GAP between both states and definition of steps to go from one state to the other

– Definition of management models ensuring information and people flow

– Development of a measuring system for each organization level

– Radical improvement of the provided service (output): process agility, task synchronization. Do more with less, meet and reduce deadlines and guarantee an excellent quality

Sectors of application

Public Administration Airports
Banks Catering companies
Service companies Support and cross processes of any organization
Hospitals Ports
Insurance companies



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