Customer Lifecycle Management

Sisteplant-Customer Life ManagementThe application of advanced management tools from maintenance to value flow for the client in technical support services (TSSs) or post-sales services (PSSs) is a strategic aspect for certain businesses. Turning a reactive management model into a proactive one ensures growth, retains the existing clients, and opens new markets or facilitates the implementation of more added value services to the current business.

Proactivity and value in customer services are the strongest sources of future equipment, facilities and technology-related software sales. The effect is even greater if both factors —proactivity and value— are implemented in a client-collaborative lifecycle management.

At Sisteplant, we have developed an own methodology that pursues the evolution of traditional TSSs to next generation services and applied it to our own support of PRISMA, CAPTOR, PROMIND and ITRACKER software under the concept CLM (Customer Life Management).



Our proposal in Technical Support Services

Our proposal is based on the execution of six essential steps:

1. Definition of the object of the work to be undertaken as customer service 

– Assets and technologies maintained on each center. Required performance and product lifecycle management

– Type, state and characterization of clients (prioritization not only of equipment types but also of clients)

2. Design of preventive and predictive policies 

– Design and re-design of manual operation and maintenance policies

3. Working processes

– Value chain and supply chain

– Integration with other areas (product engineering, manufacturing, etc.)

4. Dimensioning and management of technical resources

– Task forces (physical or virtual cells)

– Technician profiles (capacity map)

– Rapid response teams

– Integration of third party cooperation

5. Use of information systems


– In engineering (to design considering reliability and maintainability and re-design based on historical data)

6. Applicability and application of technologies for:

– Monitoring

– Diagnosis (expert systems)

– Analysis (RCM, 4 M, PM…)

– Optimization

Sectors of application :

Manufacturers of equipment goods and various types of machinery Manufacturers of buses and coaches
Manufacturers of electronic equipment



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