Cost Efficiency & Asset Optimization

Sisteplant_Cost-Efficiency-&-Asset-OptimitationAchieve the maximum asset optimization is a challenge for any company. When determining the key points of a cost reduction program, it is essential to identify the points that must be addressed to achieve the expected results without compromising strategic aspects of the business.

Introducing measures that have impact in the gross or net margin and developing mechanisms to guarantee the reinvestment of the savings produced in different areas to create more value are essential aspects to consider.

In the past, some Lean initiatives died because the traditional cost assessment systems do not facilitate the observation of the improvements achieved. Moreover, sometimes traditional indicators may lead us to take measures diametrically opposed to an operational excellence targeted strategy. Thus, at Sisteplant we provide solutions to our clients.

Our proposal for Cost Efficiency & Asset Optimization

Cost-Efficiency-&-Asset-Optimitation2_webValue Stream Costing is a working method to objectively determine how to identify the value chain aspects we must act in. This is supplemented by a Value Stream Mapping analysis, simplifying the accounting and providing real information in a format that is basic and understandable for all the organization.

A cost structure presented this way isolates non-assignable fixed costs and identifies other purchases through each value chain in a simple and objective manner. This real cost assessment enables the organizations to change from a global results management to a resources and value generating sources management.

Sisteplant has implemented this approach in several companies, thus helping our clients optimize the management of improvement projects and focus the efforts on the phases of the value chain with higher impact.

Our strongly practical method permits:

-To identify where to act in an agile and objective manner

-To develop a non-traumatic implementation, during which the team is trained to apply these concepts

-To define the future ground rules, setting the games each value chain will have to play, thus favoring the model sustainability

Sectors of application

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