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Main management modules of CAPTOR.

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Corporate systems integrator

    • Designed in accordance with ISA 95 recommendations, CAPTOR enables the creation of an integrated information processes chain within the organisation that eliminates any kind of administrative waste when processing information, increasing the collaboration among the different areas at the same time.
    • Incorporates specific technologies to ensure a simple interconnectivity among different systems, enabling the integration of ERP, HR, technical office management, quality, or presence systems.

The large number of on-going references enables having different deployment cases with multiple types of ERPs, such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Navision, Axapta, Infor LN, Baan, JDEdwards, QAD, BPCs, AS400, MOVEX, Mapics, Oracle, Ross System, IDS, Expertis, Nucleo, Geminix/Izaro, Vector, Sitelec, Adonix X3 , Mac Pac, Prologe, Gesfruit etc.

Production and plant operations control

  • It enables management and synchronization of operations, providing the necessary documentation and indicators to workers and responsible parties, and collecting reliable information about the plant’s processes in real time.
  • CAPTOR implements a model oriented towards paperless management, integrating information regarding staff, processes, materials, traceability, quality, and maintenance.
  • It manually gathers plant data, where the worker is the one providing the information or automatically, where the information is collected from the machines equipment and field devices.

Visual factory and KPIs

  • Generation of scorecards, Andon sheets, summary tables, and layouts, enabling the adjustment of how the information is presented in accordance to the management needs of each position, providing decision-making capabilities as close to the source of the problem as possible, with information updated in real time.
  • KPI Manager. Enables the free generation of indicators used to measure the plant’s operations performance.
  • Sheet Designer. Graphic editor for creating scorecards and monitoring sheets for the users to freely customize the visibility of the plant.
  • Sheet Viewer. Presentation of panels on the worker terminals in screens at the plant or remotely (web).
  • Tracking. Integrated graphic view of all plant information (production, staff, traceability, and quality) by worker, workstation, or sorted by work-reference.

Quality and traceability

CAPTOR helps ensure the reliability of the processes, the quality of delivered products, and the traceability of all the operations at the plant.


  • Identification and management of the quality ratio and categorization of product defects.
  • SPC (Stadistical process control).
  • Quality control through sampling (AQL).


  • Materials and components traceability, lots processing, serialized materials. Integrated with identification technologies at the plant.
  • Process traceability, linking all the information about production, people and parameters of the product and process to the production lots.

Tools management

  • It adds functionalities to manage tools or consumables related to machines (dies, moulds, punches, matrixes, plates…)
  • Traceability: Adding tool information to the integrated traceability record.
  • Audit: Ensuring the correct use of the usable products forecasted.
  • Life cycle: Registering the use and operational life of usable products and triggering actions when their review is required.

Knowledge management

  • Use of the information from the plant activity to make active decisions that foster improvement:
  • Eventrack: Following the evolution of plant variables, indicators and events, it triggers service routines that cause actions when necessary.
  • Automatic report generator: The information is automatically distributed to be used by relevant people and/or teams.



An agile alignment among plant operations and demand requires the optimization of productive resources and synchronization of operations, in addition to tools that facilitate a proper reaction to changes.

CAPTOR provides tools for:

  • Sequencing finite operations capacity
  • Pull signs that facilitate the organization of plant operations, precedence management, as well as main and auxiliary lines synchronization.
  • Submitting updated work plans directly to the plant workstations.
  • Automatic event generation by detecting deviations, or intervention requests to support manufacturing tasks (changes, quality interventions…).

Energy management

  • OEE-E 2 150x150CAPTOR cross-references energy consumption information and the plant’s production information collected automatically or through touchscreen terminals, and provides support to make decisions oriented towards processes improvement in regards to both operational and energy consumption aspects.
    • It is a key element for improving competitiveness, integrating the energy consumption and production information to provide the organization with precise knowledge about real time plant activity as well as its energy performance so as to accurately identify waste and improvement areas in the productive systems.

Energy management:

  • Automatic integration and consolidation of all energy consumption.
  • Real time plant monitoring of energy and operations.
  • Automatic scorecard calculation and combined operational and energy indicators.
  • Consumption traceability across timelines, cross-referenced with product and process traceability.


Available application customization functionalities at user level:

  • Report Editor: It enables the generation of reports by the user.
  • Metadata editor: It enables modification of the data model.
  • Translator: For translation and/or adaptation of the terminology used.
  • WorkFlow editor: For generating attention logics associated with events or modification of native business logics of the application.

Operational Business Intelligence - Captor BI

The Captor Operational Business Intelligence service enables Captor users to explore and analyze production, quality, engineering and maintenance data from different analytical perspectives.
The Operational Business Intelligence service enables Captor user with the capability to pin point trends, patterns, corelations between data, root-causes analysis, corelation between metrics and indicators to pin point new improvement opportunities in operational performance.
Operational BI enables users to explore and analyze data from dimensions such as:

  • Time scale
  • Workcenter
  • Items
  • Reasons for availability loss
  • Reasons for quality loss
  • And other analytical dimensions

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