iTracker – Management Modules


Main management modules of iTracker.

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Model structuring

  • Business and operational indicators definition and deployment of the improvement model, in a way that the different initiatives are organized, enabling complete traceability from the fulfilled initiative to the income statement.
  • Modelling of the opportunities generation environments, of the decision environments, and of the different flows according to the initiative type.
  • Structuring of the improvement cycles.

Improvement projects addressing

  • From different sources (manual, PROMIND, CAPTOR, PRISMA) opportunities are generated, which are grouped, classified and addressed to the decision environments.
  • After grouping and validating a set of ideas, they are grouped thus generating an improvement initiative. Depending on the type and complexity of the associated project they are addressed quickly (Do it) or are configured as projects.


Operation and monitoring of the improvement process

  • Operational visibility. Management of different displayed projects based on activities, meeting minutes etc. Each project is linked to a series of indicators, which are fed from the rest of the manufacturing intelligence system modules.
  • Management visibility. It presents the overall improvement system situation to relate the evolution of business and/or operational indicators to the deployed activity and initiatives.

Integration into the manufacturing intelligence model

It works in an integrated way with the rest of the components of the manufacturing intelligence system, enabling an integrated visibility of the improvement activity:

    • ITRACKER contributes with the organisation and management administrative capabilities required to address the improvement cycles and experiments carried out with PROMIND.
    • It receives innovation opportunities identified by PROMIND when experimenting with processes under study, channelling them to assessment and analysis circuits.
    • Integrated with operating utilities of production and maintenance workers, it enables rapid collection of suggestions from the working environment at the plant.
    • It keeps every individual informed of the status and progress of the proposed initiatives.
    • It takes KPIs from the production and maintenance systems, which enables, at an early stage, to assess the improvement potential of every opportunity in order to be able to subsequently trace the evolution of the improvement obtained.

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