Processes and equipment optimization

PROMIND: Machine learning driven Process Optimization

The factory of the future needs to be supported by technology intelligence at all management levels, enabling a deep understanding of how processes and equipment works, in order to leverage the organisation’s knowledge and provide individuals with the ability to experiment (Classroom lab) so as to proposing radical improvements.


Following the scientific method, PROMIND provides a wide range of mathematical models used to materialise knowledge on plant dynamics into scientific models instead of “personal and non-transferable” empiric rules. Thus, the organisation is capable of:

  • Correctly understanding how key processes work.
  • Objectively suggesting correct working parameters.
  • Comparing the real versus the intended status of the system, and suggesting adjustments to bring the functioning mode back to optimum conditions.
  • Experimenting with the system in unconventional functioning spaces, so as to suggest improvements that dramatically change the processing capabilities. 

If you need more information, contact with our expert team in Innovative Technologies.

Promind Main Features:

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