Manufacturing Intelligence 4.0: Integrated systems suite based on deployment of technology intelligence

The Factory of Future bases its strategy on three pillars that must be resonantly activated: An industrial strategy designed for extreme agility, supported by proactive Information Technologies and that defines a new role for people who, in addition to achieving operational excellence in current processes, must be involved in identifying radical improvements that may reinvent the way things are done today, in order to ensure the feasibility of tomorrow.


ICTs supporting this model incorporate the differential elements below:

  • Extreme effectiveness characteristics among the various agents which take part in the value chain, machines with machines, machines with people, materials with machines… incorporating loT (Internet of the Things) technology to the plant’s reality.
  • Integral management of the various in-plant management areas (production, quality, maintenance, processes, traceability…) which facilitates the creation and distribution of technology intelligence customized for the decision-making needs of each individual, from high management to workers.
  • In-plant processes and assets’ modelling capabilities, which enable work teams to deeply understand the performance of things, to define setup standards beyond knowledge based on the experience of a few, and to be able to experiment in order to identify new ways of doing things.

Sisteplant provides a new integral suite of systems, which enables to implement a management model based in the deployment of technology intelligence. Check our solutions in Innovative Technologies:

If you need more information, contact with our expert team in Innovative Technologies.


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