Support technology for decision-making processes in the Digital Factory sisteplant-manufacturing_intelligence

Innovative Technologies

The new operational model, which will necessarily end up prevailing in our most competitive companies, must be able to contribute with permanent technology value to products and processes, incorporating technologies so that the latter enable a higher processing capacity from the very beginning, with flexibility, versatility, and the highest possible degree of automation. Plus an embedded factory laboratory concept that enables experimentation, questioning, and constant reinvention. One of the key elements for making this work is having an information system that supports decisions made, which exceeds the traditional approach of ICTs.sisteplant-captor

At Sisteplant, we packed this new information model at the plant into the Manufacturing Intelligence concept. We incorporated elements for better human teams and technical means management, to control all the processes that occur in a plant and record the entire information flow in real time, to facilitate decision-making based on this information. In short, it is about bringing technology intelligence and human means together to achieve a competitive, efficient, sustainable and innovative company model.

Our solutions for Innovative Technologies

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