The path to sustainable competitiveness: The humane factory Sisteplant tecnoiplant

Advanced manufacturing: tecnoiplant

Tecnoiplant is the vision and proposal from Sisteplant to develop the factories of the future.

Industry is one of the welfare pillars of a society, with a high knock-on effect on all the other sectors. The location of productive plants creates jobs and technology development. In the case of advanced industries, they are high added value activities and jobs.

To promote and develop our industry in the new scenario we face, a deep paradigm shift closely linking technology and individuals is necessary.


-Technique – Technology

The factory of the future must be both humane and competitive, marked by an intensive incorporation of new manufacturing technologies, intelligent information and communication technologies (ICTs), innovative processes and the active involvement and training of individuals.

Tecnoiplant meets international standards like Industry 4.0 fostered by the German Government.

Our proposal through Tecnoiplant. The factory of the future

The needs vary depending on the sector and this shapes the development of the factory of the future. However, all the sectors share a number of common needs:

  • Knowledge generation is shared at all the organization levels
  • The organization leads the individual development by fostering their potential to learn and experience advanced issues, improve on them and have fun
  • Proactive information technologies provide enough power for a deep analysis in real time
  • Process agility and reconfiguration is extreme 

If you need more information, contact with our expert team in Advanced manufacture.

Our proposal  addresses these needs as an integration of the global solution, working on a joint vision, integrating technology and individuals. We work on organizational, training and motivation issues, manufacturing technologies and ICTs, and we ensure integration of all the key aspects for the success of the factory of the future.


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