Incentive Compensation

Incentive systems on a basis of individual performance and improvement assessment without a global vision of the value chain are obsolete. An incentive system must be motivating, active and must include an incentive that in itself reflects the real value contribution from people involved in the process.

Our proposal in Incentive Compensation


At Sisteplant, we have developed, an innovative continuous improvement model based on sport principles (deep challenges and specific challenges), oriented to team management by challenges within the latest trends on continuous improvement, participatory management and Lean Manufacturing philosophy (oriented to zero waste).

– Deep challenges: main indicators related to productivity

– Specific challenges: indicators related to a concrete improvement activity scheduled for a given area and period. They set the path to achieve the deep challenges by an improvement process (bringing stability) instead of achieving them only by an increased activity process (which is unstable)

The phases of a typical project are:

– Analysis of possible leaks

– Definition of the global incentive model

– Introduction to the social part

– Definition of the required IT support

– Development of pilots

– Roll out to the rest of the plant

Sectors of application

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