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Sisteplant Academy

Our objective is to pass on our knowledge to our clients, training them to use tools with an innovative training approach. This allows them to achieve:

  • Significant increases in the profitability of their operations by increasing productivity and improving service quality and level.
  • To boost innovation at all organization levels.
  • To contribute to the development of people.
  • To support improvements, based on people as a driving axis.

Moreover, thanks to our international presence, we have the means to undertake training programs in many parts of the world, adapting the programs to different languages and cultures.

Sisteplant Road Map is a path to excellence conceived to train work teams on the basis of an empirical method. Road map academy

The program allows the application of knowledge and continuous and radical improvement tools in a coordinated and sustained way over time, in addition to coping with changes and transformations towards tangible result improvement:

– Processes are the engine that drives companies

– Value chain analysis by transversal teams is a key factor

– Measuring is fundamental: with no evidence there is no improvement

– Motivation and involvement to perform freely and responsibly

Download the complete training roadmap here

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