Club de la Excelencia

Club of Excellence

Welcome to the CES (Club of Excellence at Sisteplant).
The Club of Excellence of SISTEPLANT was created to provide all our clients with added value by creating a technology forum where experts of all industrial and service sectors can share their initiatives, experiences, achievements, and projects on their way to sustainable competitiveness and to the new paradigm of the Factory of the Future, understood as the place where people and technologies are closely integrated.

Club Experiencia logotipo

Therefore we can define the essence of the Club as:

    • A forum to establish a dialogue with clients across all industrial and service sectors to find synergies and work jointly on the sustainable competitiveness and management excellence of our companies.
    • A benchmarking platform to establish parameters that may be useful for companies to define their needs and priorities for future performances.
    • A channel to communicate best practices in advanced management, organizational models, as well as in manufacturing and information technologies.

Download the complete Club of Excellence dossier here, where you will be able to see a list of the various services that the CES provides for its members, and a small guide on how to use each of them.

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