Maritime Industry

The Spanish shipbuilding industry is an international reference in the design and construction of vessels.


The maritime industry invests around 10% of its annual turnover (about 260 million Euros) in R&D&I activities.

At Sisteplant, we have been cooperating for years with shipbuilding yards and manufacturers of vessels and submarines (civil and military) in the implementation of a maintenance and manufacturing advanced management model, as well as in the optimization of global logistics for maintenance, repair and overhaul operations.

On the other hand, in respect to harbors, the high number of different operations that occur simultaneously in a harbor requires, in order to guarantee a good service level, full synchronization of all the operations, as well as a high quality and efficiency level. The symptoms of a harbor overall improvement become evident with a continuous progression of typified loading-unloading time reduction and the minimal handling by the staff, increasingly better qualified.

Our solutions for the maritime sector

At Sisteplant, through diagnosis processes, our engineering team decides the main opportunities for improvement that are materialized in lead-time and cost reductions. The applied methodology is focused on the development of interdependent dimensions, with the purpose of reaching a continuous flow and eliminating waste.

We can divide the Spanish maritime sector in three primary subsectors:

– Shipbuilding yards constructing new civil and military vessels

– Shipbuilding yards doing maritime repairs and transformations

– Harbors

The result is a significant reduction of operation times and, therefore, of vessels’ costs and downtime.

The scope of our cooperation with companies within the sector includes:

Some of our clients in this sector

Check our case studies here

Soluciones Sisteplant para el sector Naval

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