sisteplant-defensaThe existing geopolitical landscape shows huge challenges and investments in terms of defense. On the other hand, the existing macroeconomic panorama does not disregard the continuous demand for cost reduction, maintaining a rigorous quality and an updated technology. Leaders within the sector know they should take advantage of any opportunity for optimization, whether in the development of new models in the production line, the supply chain or the information management.

Always up-to-date, the defense sector requires advanced solutions in terms of organization and management. These solutions should provide the best possible answer to the fresh and continuous requirements that arise in a new reality. In short, the defense sector requires a total guarantee of the availability of productive resources as well as their reliability, within a constantly demanding framework.

Our solutions for the defense sector

At Sisteplant, we assist our clients based on the Lean Agile Manufacturing principles, advanced manufacture and real-time information and control technologies (Manufacturing Execution System) to reach highly efficient and flexible processes, thus enabling improvements and their management.

On the other hand, particularly in the area of maintenance, repair and overhaul operations, we have also cooperated with maintenance workshops that, despite having a considerable technical knowledge of the equipment, also need support to optimize the global logistics of MRO operations.

The result is a significant reduction of operation times and, therefore, also of costs and equipment downtime.

The scope of our cooperation with companies within the sector includes:

Some of our clients in this sector

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