Chemical products

Over the last years, the chemical industry has gone through a significant transformation to meet the pressing need for adjusting costs, complying with standards, ensuring the process security and fostering innovation, among others. The planning models have also been redefined to tighten the supply chain.sisteplant-quimico

The maintenance engineering model has become more sophisticated and the TPM (total productive maintenance) concept now goes beyond the self-maintenance deployment. The role of individuals has necessarily changed in this environment, and the manufacturing intelligence concept has been fostered: people able to make decisions throughout the process based on the information systems.

Our solutions for the chemical sector

At Sisteplant, we accompany our clients in the development of efficient and highly flexible production models, through the deployment of the most advanced productive technologies of industrial organization, as well as the latest information systems for on-site knowledge management.

The scope of our cooperation with companies within the sector includes:

Some of our clients in this sector

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