The aerospace industry is a strategic sector for development in Spain, as its potential impact on the Spanish economy is high.

Sisteplant-aeroespacialFrom a purely national industry manufacturing its own planes and aircrafts to meet the domestic needs for air transport or military activity, it has turned into a structured sector under an international supply chain, including companies from other countries, whose products are sold and exported worldwide.

The OEMs manufacture less in-house and focus their efforts in the system integration. Therefore, more complex and integrated systems are required, only provided by a few companies, as well as a need for product and process innovation increasingly agile and with reliable solutions.

The appearance of new competitors in the lowest level of the supply chain, mainly in emergent economies (Asia, Middle East and Latin America), is becoming more aggressive thus generating an inevitable natural selection where small suppliers will have more difficulties to access an OEM, unless they adjust their technology and production capacities.

In short, aerospace industry requires a total guarantee in the availability of productive resources and their reliability, in a framework of continuous demand.


Our solutions for aerospace industry

At Sisteplant, we accompany our clients in the development of efficient and highly flexible production models, through the deployment of the most advanced productive technologies of industrial organization, as well as the latest information systems for on-site knowledge management.

The scope of our cooperation with companies within the sector includes:

Some of ours clients in this sector

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