Sisteplant extends its business to India, from where it expects to expand throughout Asia Pacific.

Sisteplant has signed a three-year agreement with Indovision Services, whereby the latter company becomes the exclusive distributor of the Industry 4.0 solution package, Manufacturing Intelligence, for the Indian and Asian Pacific markets. In addition, Indovision will perform the software implementation tasks. Precisely, one of the elements most valued by the Spanish company when it comes to choosing its new partner in India has been its ability to develop software as a systems integrator.

The agreement also contemplates the creation of a master program in Industry 4.0 oriented to the Indian market.

India thus becomes the centre of operations from which Sisteplant expects to extend its business throughout the Asia Pacific region. With an industrial GDP of over 29% and an economic growth of 7.1% in 2018, India has a great business potential for Sisteplant.

According to the general director of Sisteplant, Alfonso Ganzabal, “India is one of the great industrial powers of the world, so it was a priority objective for Sisteplant for some time. We had to find the right partner, and Indovision Services responds perfectly to the requirements that we had set, so we are sure that it will be enormously beneficial for both parties. ”

Boosting Industry 4.0 in India

Among the industry of India there is a great interest to evolve towards the paradigm 4.0. The country’s government has launched various programs such as Make in India and policies such as National Policy for Advanced Manufacturing to achieve that end. In addition, a special feature of the industrial sector in India is the great weight of micro-enterprises and SMEs, with a total of 60 million companies representing 45% of the country’s manufacturing production.

Indovision’s CEO, Vinay Aggarwal, points out “This agreement with Sisteplant and its Manufacturing Intelligence 4.0 solutions platform will allow us to position ourselves in a market with business potential as high as that of Industry 4.0, with a hugely advanced offer and robust In addition, we will take advantage of the experience that Sisteplant has in the international market and, above all, in Spanish, also with a large presence of SMEs, and SMEs and that has certain similarities with the Indian “.

Manufacturing Intelligence is the solution package developed by Sisteplant to help companies evolve towards advanced manufacturing. It is the result of the investment of 20% of the company’s turnover in R & D & I and a process of reflection initiated by Sisteplant, to evolve models of operational excellence, and management tools at your service.

The package is comprised of a Manufacturing Execution System, a Machine Learning tool, a Computer Aided Maintenance Management system and a solution for monitoring progress in improving management and organization. Currently, more than 2,000 companies around the world are using the solutions that comprise Manufacturing Intelligence.

Future expansion of services

Indovision Services was founded in 2012 and is focused on providing solutions, services and training in Information and Communication Technologies. Since 2014, the company is an OEM partner of numerous multinationals in the ICT sector such as Juniper, HPO, Microsoft or Pulse. Currently, it provides IT systems integration services, as well as emerging technology solutions such as cloud, IA, data analytics, IoT, etc.

Sisteplant and Indovision contemplate the possibility of expanding their commercial relationship so that, starting next year, they can incorporate Sisteplant’s engineering services.

Sisteplant in the five continents

The extension of the business to India was one of the goals that Sisteplant had set out to achieve this year as part of the boost to its international expansion, which also includes the US markets and France.

This is a second stage in the company’s internationalization, which began in 1996 with the opening of offices in Mexico and Brazil. In addition to being directly present in these markets, in 2015 it launched a program of alliances, through which it has signed agreements with more than 30 collaborating companies in Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Brazil, Colombia and also Spain. Nowadays, its solutions are implanted in five continents.

In the year in which it celebrates its 35th anniversary, Sisteplant has a portfolio of 55,000 customers and 300,000 users worldwide.


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