30 years, 7 offices, 3 continents

Our history

Sisteplant began in 1984, under the presidency of Javier Borda, with the clear aim of providing solutions for optimizing production processes and maintenance management across all sectors.

The passing of the years, the changing needs of the market and our passion for innovation have made us evolve in such a way that, by means of a constant effort of research and development in services and products, we have been able to take specific solutions for excellence in operations to companies and organizations of all sectors. In order to do that, we rely on Lean Manufacturing principles, on innovative manufacturing technologies and on the most advanced information systems for managing production and maintenance.


The need to reduce inefficiencies in production or assembly, organizational, logistics and management processes is common to all sectors. Therefore, from Sisteplant we have worked with companies in order to improve their competitive position in sectors as diverse as aerospace and defense, automation, food, chemical and pharmaceutical, equipment goods (shipbuilding -machinery- transport items), maintenance services, real estate and infrastructures and so on and so forth.

Currently, we are a multinational company with offices in three continents, with a highly qualified professional team that works in close collaboration and commitment with our clients, as their objectives are also ours.


International presence of Sisteplant

We support our customers in their internationalization processes and industrial master plans, in improving their competitiveness and in radical improvements of industrial organization.

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