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Promind a software for reliability engineering

At the cyber – FoF’s core very essences are Reliability and Intelligent software. Without them:

  • Operation performance is unstable.
  • Operations technology fundamental laws are ignored.

Consequence: With a high automated – sophisticate environment, a very poor plant quality and throughput.

Reliability in modern conception means near 100% confidence on:

  • Product quality and life–span
  • Process repeatability, and
  • Machine continuous repeatable running.

But with an holistic conception among them. I mean, that a permeable transmission of clever – filtered technological info preventing yet problems and improving future, must be set up between product, process, and maintenance.

The role of Promind®, the Prisma®’s A.I. module, is to be this intelligent filter, with two kinds of:

  • Tactical: real-time predictive alarms, their causes, and suggested solutions
  • Strategical: background self-learning knowledge over the Math-Physical laws behind product-process and machines behavior.

Both on high-easy interaction with engineers for creating-evolving models and assessing the provided info in terms of practical results.

Promind® with its two essential modules Sys CL + PML, displays the innovative technique of Symbolic Regression for better modelling in a comprehensible way the involved underlaying physical laws along the treated problem.

All the involved information is related with well-know Manufacturing Tools, in order to be easily manageable by the engineers.

Some of them, as example are:

  • Weibull distribution and inference maths.
  • Wöhler curve for fatigue testing
  • Failure trees, cause-root analysis
  • SPC and quality management tools
  • Euler-Lagrange dynamic optimization models.

Diagnóstico de Eficiencia Industrial

Vivimos una época de gran incertidumbre. A corto plazo, porque nuestros negocios luchan por sobrevivir. A medio y largo plazo, porque será necesario reinventarse para recuperar lo perdido. Ahora y después nuestras operaciones se deberán sostener sobre un pilar fundamental: la eficiencia de nuestros procesos.

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Avances necesarios para integrar la nanofabricación en la Fábrica del Futuro


En el anterior libro (“La Fábrica del Futuro humana, inteligente, tecnológica y digital”, Sisteplant, S.L. – 2016, pág 129 y siguientes), ya tratamos la descripción tecnológica de la nanofabricación y sus modalidades de “down-top” y “top-down”. En esta ocasión vamos a ver posibles formas de prepararla para las necesidades concretas que las fábricas 4.0 (FF) requieren para tener un sentido completo y holístico.

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